HAND PORN. AND CROTCH PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * falls off chair* sorry its jus th e porn, the porn, the porn. * falls off chair again*


"an accompaniment to a cup of tea
of course it is tom, of course it is.

oh god choc hobnobs are lovely dipped in tea, mmmmmm i want one

omfg sorry he is just sooo * drools* mmm hand porn, sitting in a sexy position porn, drinking porn i mean lookit him * drools while staring at caps*

ofmg more yes more sooo many more. I just need to make a comment about the pics where he is sitting down, jesus christ that is hot he shouldnt be able to sit like that * fans self* his hand somfg I cant get up I have fallen over, stripey shirt of sex, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mads being a goofball at the Monster Mania Q&A


okay right this is my big Rick gomez caps extravaganza, so sorry everyone im gonna need space some soft floor so I can swoon and not hurt myself. LOL oh god he is gorgeous. GREEN SHIRT OF SEX HE NEVER WEARS THAT SHIRT AND TIE AGAIN * sobs*

and there goes my jaccob pitts as tim gutterson pic spammage. enjoy the perving


Andrew Scott for Attitude